Hi, 👋🏻

This is Anthony Fox

Anthony is an experienced speaker, tech blogger, and dedicated software engineer. In the past, he’s participated in weekend hack-a-thons, authored projects that made the front page of Hacker News, and has been featured in programming newsletters such as Django Weekly, and PyCoders Weekly.

When Anthony isn’t glued to a glowing rectangle, he spends time reading, exercising, and going on road-trips with his wife, Paola, and corgi, Loki. Anthony currently maintains this site and co-organizes Orange County’s OCPython meetup.

This site is made possible with:

  • GatsbyJS - React, Webpack, JS, and CSS
  • Netlify - Continuous Deployment
  • Lumen Theme - Started with this, but heavily modified it.
  • ❤️ Love