Prepending Rows to a CSV in Amazon S3

+++ title = “How I used Python and Boto3 to modify csv files in AWS S3” date = “2017-07-21” autoThumbnailImage = false clearReading = true comments = true metaAlignment = “center” showPagination = true showSocial = true showTags = true tags = [“python”,“amazon”, “s3”, “generators”] keywords = [“tech”, “python”,“amazon”, “s3”, “generators”] categories = [“dev”] draft = true

+++ **Note: ** Even though python is mentioned specifically, that’s just the language I used, and the language that the code examples are in. This could really be done using any language as the main functionality that we’ll be using is built in to Amazon S3’s api.

I’m also not saying this is a good solution… just the one I came up with that seems work pretty well.
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