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This is a presentation I gave at a local python user group in Nashville, PyNash. The topic of the night was to pick a lesser-known or up and coming library that many folks may not be aware of yet and give a 10 minute overview.

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Git Praised

I’ve written a chrome extension that I’ve named git-praise. It replaces the “Blame” button on github with a “Praise” button. It’s not perfect, but it works.

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Test Driven Development - Why?

I’m part of a group here in Nashville called Penny University. Essentially it’s an “open-door” user group that connects people wanting to learn with people wanting to teach. Usually over lunch, coffee, or breakfast. I offered to meet up with a few people wanting to learn more about test driven development before and it quickly became a hot topic. I was asked to organize another round table discussion about TDD, and this is how it went.
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This was an incredibly fun project to do and gave me an excuse to not only put our Christmas tree up well before December, but to also keep it well into January. I’m not entirely sure how much this would cost if you had to buy each part separately. I’ve had this hobby for quite some time now and have dedicated a whole desk drawer to little sensors, micro-controllers, led’s and resistors. Most of those parts live inside little cubbies in something that resembles a cheap tackle-box.
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Choices for Choices in Django CharFields

It’s not uncommon to want to restrict input options to a set of pre defined values. In this post, I’m particularly talking about handling multiple choices using a CharField from the Model class in Django. There are many ways to approach choices in a Django model. I’m going to cover a few approaches in this post and none of them will be the definitive answer. You should always use your best judgement. There’s never going to be a one size fits all solution.

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